Let the music Play


DJ GI JOE has been mixing it up and entertaining others for over 15 years. With his flawless beat mixing and unique style in blending eastern and western beats encompassing various genres from around the world, you can be assured that you are in tune.

When you book your event with Johar Productions you can be confident in knowing that you will be provided with industry leading equipment. From sound, lighting, visual projection and DJ equipment.

Johar Productions applies a consultative approach to all events. As  such the following three step process is undertaken with all clients:

  1. Before the event - A meeting with you to share ideas, discuss the agenda, logistics, music suggestions and general event coordination.

  2. During the event - On the day of the event you can be assured that Johar Productions will arrive, deliver, sound test and be ready to go 1 hour prior to the arrival of guests. 

  3. After the event - Upon conclusion of the event, Johar productions will pack and leave the DJ area of the venue in a clean and responsible manner.

Our Equipment


When you plan your function with Johar Productions, you can be confident in knowing that you are getting the highest quality in equipment and entertainment services.

From a 1st Birthday party, lady sangeet, wedding reception or a corporate event, Johar Productions will not compromise on quality. That is why our equipment includes:

Digital Sound System

Each venue is different, hence why Johar Productions provides a free site inspection before any function to ensure the sound acoustics corresponds to the selected digital sound system.

DJ Console, mixer and CD players

Keeping up with times, means advancement in technology. That is why Johar Productions uses state of the art DJ consoles and mixers, such as the Denon and Pioneer. Industry proven, industry leading.


Intelligent lighting

Spice up the dance floor or set the mood you desire with intelligent moving lights. From disco lasers, moving heads to LED Dance floors, let us light it up for you.